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Robert is very nice, honest, polite, qualified, and fair. What more could you want? If he can't fix it, he'll tell you. If it's not worth fixing, he'll tell you. He explains all repairs and bills. He does everything he can to accomodate the customer. I never had to take the car back for the same problem, because he uses high quality parts and does a thorough and competent job.

I've taken my three Honda cars to DiMauro's for the last 10 years. While he has missed a few times with a diagnosis, the quality of his work is definitely above average. He is unassuming and patient. And he will tell you what he does not know.

I want to highly recommend Robert's shop to anyone needing work on their Acura or Honda car. This man was (fortunately for me) recommended to me in 1991 when I first moved up to Santa Barbara. This past week I had to take my Acura to the HONDA dealership on Kellogg for a four-wheel alignment and- with all due respect-- was treated very unprofessionally by the Service Manager. So much so, that I called Robert and spoke to his wife (she does the accounting and helps answer any phone calls that come in)...I was livid and very upset; and needed some advice. Because Robert has been such a wonderful and dependable person with my car, I considered him my immediate source for "consolation" as it were.. This was a perfect example of Di Maurio's true care and concern for their customer, telling what my next step would be. I am a single mom who lives on a very tight budget; Robert and his partner as well as his wife, have always been very considerate of that. He treats your car with the same concern that he would have for his own vehicle, (a Honda of course..:)-- but the bottom line is, this is my second Acura since living in this community, and I will have another Honda or Acura when my car finally dies; because I can't afford to lose; and don't wish to lose this family owned shop.

DIMAURO'S AUTOMOTIVE in "Old Town" Goleta, CA is my 1st pick always. Here's why: Owner Robert and staff are the most courteous, dependable, reasonable, and professional people in the business. Robert's knowledge of and passion for Honda automobiles has kept my '88 Accord LXi alive and strong since my arrival to Goleta in 1996. I live one block from his shop on Dawson St., and although the Honda dealership is also conveniently located a half mile away from my residence and 2 blocks from my place of work, I will always utilize Robert's expertise for my precious and beloved Accord. This is not an after-market or assembly line shop like so many out there today. Robert and ASE certified staff use genuine Honda parts, and it will be obvious to a new customer of DiMauro's that you will be treated with respect and that your car will be repaired and/or tuned up in a timely manner with only the parts and labor required to complete the task at hand. Robert's honesty, care and hard work are deserved of anyone interested in maintaining their Honda vehicle in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area at an affordable price.

Di Mauro's is a terrific shop: excellent repair prices (relative to the local Honda dealership), unfailing courtesy and good humor, timely and high quality work. We have two Honda vehicles, and we'll be buying Honda again for 2 reasons: they're good cars, and Di Mauro's works on them.

I have taken my Honda Accord to Robert for 6 years and I have always been extremely happy with the level of service and support I have received. When I first moved to Goleta, I took my car to the local dealership and was highly disappointed by their poor customer service. Ever since then I have taken my car to Robert with great results. He is honest and will tell you exactly what repairs need to be done in a very understandable manner.

DiMauro's was recommended to me by a friend and it was a great recommendation. For a woman, it was a relief to find a mechanic that didn't try to talk me into uneccessary repairs or overcharge me. He told me what was worth fixing and what wasn't, and didn't patronize. I saw another customer drop off cookies for him one time!

Rob and his long time assistant Danny are exceedingly competent, honest, humble, and hard working; very rare qualities unless you're referring to a dog. They will tell you what they know and what they don't know; they are very good about estimating how long it will take to diagnose and correct problems; they make every effort to accomodate emergencies, and make excellent recomendations for alternative services when they can't; and their pricing has always been a better deal than comparisons I've made. Rob recommended I buy my current 1988 Honda Accord because, he said, it was the strongest engine Honda ever made. That was about 140,000 miles ago; we're fast approaching the 290,000 mile mark and, although it doesn't look like much, which is my fault, it doesn't burn oil or make any scary noises; and thanks to Rob and Danny, I expect it will keep on going for a while yet.

Quite simply, this is without a doubt the BEST Honda shop from the Rincon to Gaviota.

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